An Alopecia Awareness Event. Foxy tells the story of Penny Todd, a 20 year old aspiring filmmaker who is desperately trying to keep a “secret” in order to feel “normal” in a world of unachievable societal beauty standards. At the age of ten, Penny lost all of the hair on her body (eyebrows and all) due to an immune condition called alopecia. Since her diagnosis, Penny has chosen not to tell a soul, including her current boyfriend, out of fear of being looked at as strange or “ugly”. By hiding this condition, Penny is soon forced to choose between what is more important: giving up on her relationship along with her dream of entering ‘Moonwaltz Film Festival’, or revealing her condition and opening herself up to potential ostracization, shame, and possibly the loss of her relationship.

Tickets: $12

Presented by Canadian Alopecia Areata National Foundation (CANAAF) together with the director Trista Suke.

*This screening is a rental, normal Mayfair prices do not apply

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