Serenity Charity Screening


Our “Let’s Be Bad Guys”, independent Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening will once again be an Ottawa-centric event allowing us to give more to our local charity and encourage more local businesses, artists and folks who are just coming into the Serenity realm the chance to be shiny!This year, we are pleased to be supporting both Equality Now, and primarily our local charity, iSisters Technology Mentoring Inc, two amazing organizations that support women’s rights and empowerment!

Loosely what to expect:12-noon or earlier-you can line up as early as you like outside the Mayfair, but we won’t be letting you in before we are set up: Doors open at 12:30. We WILL do our best to get Pre purchased Paypal Bickets handed out to those of you who have your receipt in hand – or on your digital device and can show a volunteer.

Again, we will not likely be getting there before 12 noon, so decide you plan of attack  You can though then jaunt over to the Starbucks at Hopewell and Bank, one of our annual Sponsors.

12:30- doors open – please note the awesome couches are already reserved for our Fabulous Sponsors who dolled out uber cash and prizes for the event, but you can go in and reserve your best seat. Then come back out into the main area to check out the awesome Silent Auction/ Jayne Hat Brigade PLUS donations, as well as purchase your chances to win some of the great raffle prizes.  You will automatically receive one chance for a door prize as you come in.

About 1:00 ish  the MC will start talking and raving about how awesome this year’s Crew has been – and we will have some trivia questions for you to again have the chance to win stuff!! {Yay Sponsors!!}  And door prizes!!!

Approximately 1:30-1:40 ish Royalty will descend and being judging your worthiness!  If you are coming in costume, be there by then!

We will then again encourage you to return to the Silent Auctions {Jayne Hat Brigade PLUS donations} and donate more cash money to get more chances to win some of the raffle prizes!  And you are not limited in your Auction bids by the cash you have on hand as TAV Creations will be processing credit card transactions on behalf of the Ottawa Browncoats for uber awesome auction bids! So bring your Visa/ Mastercard!

and then somewhere between 2 and 2:20 we will start the show by introducing the  Local FilmMakers trailers we have been sent and then on to the movie!

After the movie is when the final fun happens – MORE PRIZES!! and processing of the Winners of the Auction items!!

This afternoon event runs to about 4:30 / 5:00 p.m. with loads of fun, some still to be determined, including:

•  Costume Contest with prizes for Best Female, Best male, Best Villain
•  Silent Auctions of cool stuff Jayne Hat Brigade PLUS donations!
•  Ongoing sales of chances to win one of many prize packs! Sponsors ROCK!
•  Once again we’ll be featuring amazing trailers from Local FilmMakers!
•  Screening of the film Serenity (screening time approximately Between 2 and 2:30 p.m. start time)
•  and so much shiny fun you’ll just have to come and join us!

Your donation gets you a collectible OSCS Button that doubles as your admission to the event!

Tickets: $15, cash only.
Presented by The Ottawa Brownouts

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