Kobry a uzovky (The Snake Brothers)

Presented by Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa

Subtitled in English

The concept of brotherly love takes a mighty beating in this seriocomic story of two thirty-something siblings (played by real-life brothers) occupying opposite ends of the loser spectrum in a ragged working class town. Viper has larceny in his heart, blithely relieving family and neighbors of their worldly goods when opportunity knocks. Morose elder brother Cobra sees life through the bottom of a beer glass until the day he seizes a windfall opportunity. The coming crazed and crazy standoff between
brothers involves betrayal, adultery, drugs, and an endearingly gullible grandmother.
Matej Hádek
Krystof Hádek
Jan Hájek
Lucie Zácková
David Máj
Lucie Polisenská
Vera Kubánková
Jana Sulcová
Jan Vápeník
Martin Bonhard
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