Advance tickets for the Mayfair!

The advance tickets option for our movies is online!
It’s a lot of stuff to update, so bear with us if we miss out on a post somewhere.

If you click over via the this link, or type in something like ‘Mayfair Theatre Eventbrite Empire Strikes Back’ to google, you’ll get to the right place. (I just tested that out)

There is a small service fee, but we won’t be increasing our ticket prices, meaning that our box office remains at a pretty reasonable price.

Advance tickets sales cut off one hour before each showtime.
We have each movie no more then once per day, so finding the day / time that you’d like to join us shouldn’t be too difficult.

If a member, be ready to show your membership card as well.
If you’d like to become a member, but are worried of a movie selling out, you can buy an advance members ticket and then buy a membership when you show up.

Tickets will be available at the box office for day of screenings as per usual (as long as it doesn’t sell out in advance, of course).

Think that’s about it. Any questions, let us know!

Click over to check out the Advance Tickets site for Mayfair Theatre!

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