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Come visit us at 1074 Bank Street (between Sunnyside and Euclid).

Office phone number: 613-730-6552

To rent the Mayfair Theatre for a public or private screening or event, please email Lee Demarbre at [email protected]. See below for more information on hosting events at the Mayfair.

For information about advertising at the Mayfair, promotion crossovers, marquee rentals (which costs $150), buying 35mm trailers ($20 each), buying marquee tiles ($20 – $40 each), buying movie posters ($10 – $20), or any other Mayfair related information listed below – please contact Josh Stafford at [email protected].

See below for more information on advertising with us.


Marquee Rental!

Put a message up on our marquee for $150 + HST!

Seeing as we are returned from lockdown, we need to make use of the marquee to let people know what movies we are screening.
If you are interested in a marquee message, we may be able to fit it in for a few hours in the morning / early afternoon.

There are three lines, each line fits approximately 23 letter tiles (taking into account that space between words is about a letter tile width as well).


Posters for Sale!

A silver lining of being in lockdown is that we were able to get a lot of cleaning up done around the cinema. A giant chore taken care of was alphabetizing and logging our poster archives. Now that that task is out of the way, we’ve unearthed hundreds of posters that we are not in need of. There’s a mix of doubles, movies that won’t screen again, and posters for festivals. There’s also a batch of mini-posters and lobby cards that have specific times and dates on them, and hence can’t really be used again.

You’ll find a bunch of these posters on display in the cinema, to the left of the top of the stairs when facing the screen.

Once we sell off some of these posters, we might have room to put some other titles up for sale.

Regular movie posters and mini-posters are $10 – $20, festival posters and lobby cards are $20.
Movie posters are approximately 27 x 40, mini-posters 11 x 18, and lobby cards 8 x 10 (though there are variations bigger and smaller).

Click the following link to check out all of the posters available –

Mayfair Posters – For sale: December 2023 Update!


Vintage Marquee Tiles for Sale!

Place this information under the category of part garage sale, part fundraiser, part collector’s item.
During lockdown cleaning, we stumbled on some vintage marquee tiles. Not positive when they are from, but they must have been made use of before our current marquee was put in place. They don’t fit on our marquee, so we thought there might be some patrons who would like a cinematic souvenir from the Mayfair to put on display.

$20 a piece for the handful of letter tiles we have, and $40 a piece for the ratings tiles.

Updated list of what we have on hand:

Letters tiles – 1 x 4, 1 x %, 1 x E
Ratings tiles – 8 x “G”, 14 x “PG”, 10 x “R”, 8 x “PG-13”



35mm Trailer Sale!

Each trailer is $20 a piece.

Payment can be e-transferred to the same email address.

The list of titles available will be updated every once and a while, as they start getting picked through.

By popular demand, here is an updated list of available 35mm Trailers!

Click the following link to check out all of the 35mm trailers that are available!

Click here to check out the list of 35mm Trailers that we have for Sale!


Name-Plate Fundraiser Update!

Our patrons were incredible during the various lockdowns that we found ourselves in recently.
What started as an idea to mark off a few seats as a bit of a fundraiser, quickly found all the seats in the cinema snatched up.

People continue to ask about supporting us via getting their name on seats (which are all sold out).
So, we had some ideas to name off some other stuff…and, that has been going really well too!

If you would like to make a donation to immortalize your name on something in the cinema, please check out a few remaining options below.


Add-a-Name Plaque (multiple spaces available) – $150 each

Poster Box 19 – Gentlemen’s Washroom – $250

Couch 1 – Lower House Left – $450

Thanks again, the constant encouragement from all of our patrons never ceases to amaze.


Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank St.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 3X3


Advertise with the Mayfair:

  • Online on our website (monthly visits: ~40,000+), on our newsletter, or on our weekly podcast!
  • As part of the slide-show, or a 30 second video before screenings!

For four weeks of advertising on our big screen, website or newsletter:

We charge $225 + HST for an ad to be put into rotation in our big screen slide-show, on the website, or in the newsletter.
We charge $450 + HST for a 30 second big screen video to screen before movies, or for a month of ads on the weekly podcast.

We need the advertisement at least a week in advance of the first day of which the ad is to be posted.

New video can be added every Thursday, to begin screening on Friday.

The newsletter is put together and e-mailed to members every Monday.


24fps, Stereo or 5.1 Audio normalized to -0.5db for DCP files

HDTV – 1920 x 1080 square pixels
Mov or Mp4

The video can either be delivered as a physical copy, or we can download it off a site such as Dropbox or Vimeo.


A 1920 x 1080 .jpg is the ideal size for our screen

Website or Newsletter Ad:

A 280 x 90 .jpeg or .gif image for the website – size for newsletter ad is flexible

We also offer advertising opportunities via our weekly podcast.

For any other questions or further information, please contact Josh Stafford

Whether you’re a private or public sector organization, a school, community or church group, or a private citizen, you can host an event at the Mayfair. The theatre is available for:

  • Private screenings of films from our current schedule, or films of your choosing (we can screen any movie that you bring along on Blu Ray!)
  • A screening of your independent film or film festival
  • Video launches
  • Live music, theatre and stand-up comedy
  • Graduation ceremonies, parties – and even weddings!
  • Corporate functions, meetings, AGMs, retreats, workshops and conventions
  • Product launches

For corporate and private rentals alike, we offer:

  • State-of-the-art sound and digital presentation technology
  • One of Ottawa’s largest screens for dynamic, impactful presentations
  • Comfortable seating, with ample leg room, for groups of up to 325
  • Perfect sight lines from every seat in the house
  • Classic cinema refreshments, numerous nearby dining options, and the ability to host the caterer of your choice
  • A one-of-a-kind atmosphere in a heritage landmark


Corporate clients: why not conclude your meeting with a private screening? Turn the Mayfair into your personal screening room and treat your clients, employees or colleagues to a current or classic film!



Theatre Stats

The Mayfair offers:

  • 325 seats
  • 35mm projection with DTS and Dolby Digital sound
  • Video projection: DCP, DVD, .mov/.mp4  or Blu-ray
  • A fully stocked candy and refreshment bar
  • Room for merch tables
  • A stage suitable for theatrical or musical performances, lectures, speaking engagements and more.

Info for video or images being presented on our screen:


24fps, Stereo or 5.1 Audio normalized to -0.5db for DCP files

HDTV – 1920 x 1080 square pixels
Mov or Mp4

The video can either be delivered as a physical copy, or we can download it off a site such as Dropbox or Vimeo.

Or, a 1920 x 1080 .jpg or .gif image is the ideal size for our screen

Contact us to book your event today!

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