Fake Trailers Reel Fest 2012

The Fake Trailers Reel Festival makes its triumphant return to the Mayfair Theatre on Saturday June 30th at 10:30pm.

Our second annual coming attraction themed screening will include an hour long program of new original fake trailers, followed by an hour of rarely seen 35mm grindhouse / drive-in / bizarre / cult-classic trailers from the depths of the Mayfair vaults.

Submitted trailers should either be in a 30 or 60 second style TV commercial length trailer, or a 3 minute theatrical trailer. Deadline for submissions is Friday June 8th.

Any questions, please contact me at batturtle@gmail.com


If submitting the old fashioned way, can be dropped off at or sent in to the Mayfair at:

1074 Bank St
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1S 3X3

If it’s going to be a bit late past the submission deadline that’s ok, just let me know that it’s on it’s way at: batturtle@gmail.com

If submitting via digital / website / e-mail means, make use of that same e-mail address.
Thanx…looking forward to checking out what folks come up with

Reply · December 13, 2018


Are you guys doing any more screenings like this? It sounds really fun.

Reply · December 13, 2018


Well, there’s Painted Lips & Lolly Licks (the sexy short film fest) sometime around Valentine’s Day and Killer63 (the horror short film fest) sometime around Halloween.

Reply · December 13, 2018

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