We are pleased to report that our fundraisers were a resounding success!

Thank you to everyone who donated or helped spread the word — and to the many businesses and individuals who provided items for our silent auctions, or support in other forms. With your help, we were able to raise enough money to purchase a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) projector, which is now in use in our projection booth.

The Digital Cinema Package (DCP) projector installed in our booth

We were also able to buy a scaler, which will enable us to use the DCP projector to show films in other formats — essential to the many independent filmmakers who visit the Mayfair as part of our ongoing Filmmakers In Attendance series.

Thank you again for supporting our fundraiser — and helping keep the Mayfair open for another 80 years!

The Cast and Crew of the Mayfair Theatre



Catherine Basso

Michael Falcone


Darrell Ferguson

Victoria Dunn

Genevieve Lepine

C. R. Ogilvie

Jennifer Baba

Kaitlin Normandin

Susan Top

Christopher Cline

Amanda McCrone

Serge Gaiotti

Colin Henein

Dean Pearce

Abdul Adel

Alana Skwarok

Anna Paluch

Anne van der Greft

Aura Lea Alcampo

Avra Lamey

Brad K Doiron

Chad Veinotte

Connie Bernardi

Elizabeth Motluk

Emilie Myers

Erin Broome

Felan Parker

Francis Blais

Jason Bletcha

Jason Fawcett

Jill Stothart

Jith Paul

John Sproull

Julie Cooper

Lynne Balcom

Mark Glauser

Mélodie Hallé

Mike Clark

Natalie Fraser

Patricia Williams

Patrick Imbeau

Penny McCann

Philippe Rostaing

Rachel Robertson

Sonia Myre


Suzanne Nussey

Tom Megginson

Vera Jones

Yelena Perunov

Amanda Cottreau

April Yorke

Barclay McMillan

Dave Bennett

Duff McCleod

Geoffrey Hunt

Heather Archibald

Jordan Adler

Kevin McCann

Margaret Thompson

Nick Edgar

Patrick Mullen

Richard Blute

Rob Thomas

Robin Devillers

Steven Riding

Tahisha Victor

Tracey Vibert

William MacMurray

Alejandro Bustos

Angela Emerson

Chris Chitaroni

James Ellwood

Adam Goldberg

Adam Slight

Alex Taylor

Allison Carrigan

Amy McKinnon

Andre Coutu

Andrew King

Andrew McGregor

Andrew Robinson

Anne Louise Mahoney

Anne Patterson

Ashley Andrews

Barbara Uteck

Bijon Roy

Bonnie Robinson

Bronwyn Mckee-Buckner

Caroline Larocque

Charles Gaulke

Chelsea Churchill

Christine Wons

Christopher Fillmore

Daintry Chitaroni

Derek Daniher

Donna Lougheed

Elaine Arsenault

Elizabeth Spooner

Emily Rahn

Eric King

Erik Van der Torre

Faisal Al-Jadir

Francois Labelle

Fred Malpass

Glen & Dalaila

Graeme Burk

Heather McCready

James Salmon

Jared Barter

Jared Young

Jean-Luc Gauvin

Jennifer Mulligan

Jennifer Shaw

Jessica Hughes

John Spratt

Jonathan Hachey


Judith Linthorst

Karen Giffin

Katherine Bonnar

Kev Needham

Kris Zebarth

Kyle Hurtubise

Lynette Johnson

Mark Courneyea

Mary Mackinnon

Meaghan B. Scanlon

Melanie Clement

Melanie Pearson

Michael Liu

Michael Newman

Michael Shaikin

Morley Wheele

Natalie Campbell

Neil Redding

Nick Twist

Nicole Milne & Chris Ralph

Owen Lonsdale

Dianne Brydon

Paige Raymond

Patricia Parulekar

Patricia Vargas

Paul G. Brisson

Paul O’Leary

Philippe Bolduc

Randal Allan

Ranylt Richildis

Ray Besharah


Richard Akerman

Robert Fairchild

Rod Phillips

Ross Stewart

Roy Sarkar

Scott Florence

Stephanie Turner

Stephen Kieswetter

Taylor Gilmore

Thom Ernst

Trevor Walker

Victoria Sikur

Wendy Fox

William Crawford

William Walther

Wolfgang Boettger

Yvonne Coutts-Martignago


Dear Cast and Crew

National Payday

Ottawa Rickshaws

Retro Rides

SAW Video

Evan Annett

Lynn Morris

Elaine Arsenault

Jeff Campbell



PS. Due to popular demand, we are continuing to make seats in the Mayfair available for naming.

If you’d like to put your name on a seat, please email Josh Stafford at or Ian Driscoll at

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