KILLER63 part V

This is somewhat unbelievable to me, but Killer63’s fifth year is on the horizon.  So again, I’m starting to get the word out to filmmakers who are interested in submitting a short horror film to be screened as part of our mini one-night film festival at the Mayfair.

The screening will go down on October 16th. The date was initially set a bit later in the month, but we’ve got some great things ahead in October that out packing up our calendar tight with exciting Halloween themed treats.

Past years films have ranged from live action to animation, from serious to comedic, documentary, music video,  puppets, slasher, zombies, ghosts, vampires and even stuff more bizarre.

For further information on the event, feel free to contact me here through the Mayfair blog, or check out the Killer63 Facebook page or


Sounds like fun. What is the deadline for submissions? DVD only? Or will other formats be supported?

Thanks very much.

Reply · December 14, 2018


where can I find your contact info?

Reply · December 14, 2018

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