Lock up your sons!

Before I was involved with the Mayfair in an official capacity, I was in one afternoon to see a movie, wearing my Slaughter Daughters shirt.  If you are not in the know, the Slaughter Daughters are Ottawa’s local roller derby team.  I was complimented on the shirt, and asked if it was a band’s logo.   I filled in the poor soul on the glories of sport, and ended up suggesting that a cross-promotion screening of some sort should happen.


Hence, when I jumped on board to become a co-owner of the place, my first order of business was getting the ball rolling on a Mayfair roller derby event (clearly my priorities are in order).   Alas, the holy grail of a dream movie, ‘Kansas City Bomber’ starring Raquel Welch, proved unavailable.  And a quest to find an appropriate movie to show began.

‘Switchblade Sisters’ is not a roller derby movie, but what it does have is a bunch of tough gang chicks breaking the law and causing all kinds of trouble.  And in the ‘don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner’ category…the movie has a wild shoot ’em up scene in a roller rink!


The team will be out in force at the Mayfair on Friday before show-time, and will have tickets available to sell for their next bout, which happens the following night.

For more information on the team, check out the Rideau Valley Roller Girls website, of look ’em up through the power of Facebook.


Any chance at all of screening Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut that’s being released/screened @ TIFF this year? It’s called “Whip It” and stars drew barrymore, ellen page, and kristen wiig, and is a movie about a roller derby league. I desperately want to see it but don’t know if I can make it to toronto for any of the screenings. Please get this movie!!

Reply · December 15, 2018

Ian Driscoll

Matthew —

We have discussed Whip It, and believe me, we’re working on it.

Reply · December 15, 2018

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