Make room for The Room bobbleheads!

We stay in close touch with Tommy Wiseau, the, um, creative force behind The Room.

Since we started our regular Participaction screenings of the film several months ago, audiences have grown and grown. Inexplicably, Ottawa wants more The Room! So, when Tommy offered us a couple of cases of The Room bobbleheads, we had to say, “Spoon!”

Uh, I mean, we had to say, “yes.”


The bobblheads arrived today, and they’re going on sale at the Mayfair asap.


He speaks! He nods! He’s made in China! He’s a better actor than the real Tommy Wiseau!

(See him in action here: The Room Bobblehead.)

So next time you come to the Mayfair, bring some extra cash, because starting today, for only $25, you can bring the star of The Room back to your room!



Holy crap…I need one…

Reply · May 21, 2019


ZOMG I need One do you still have them?

Reply · May 21, 2019

ian driscoll

As of this writing, we still have some! Ask at the box office next time you visit the Mayfair!

Reply · May 21, 2019


would you mail one? im in NY, name a price

Reply · May 21, 2019


That post was from February 2010. I’m afraid that The Room bobble-heads are long gone. You might still be able to get some from The Room website.

Reply · May 21, 2019

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