Mayfair projectionists are heroes in Britain!

They’re heroes here, too, of course. We at the Mayfair believe that the projectionist is the final – and often, the most important – member of any film’s crew.

But in Britain, our projectionists are making news.

Our web maestro, John Wiseman, alerted us to this bit of Mayfair coverage from the other side of the pond:

I just pulled this off of Facebook. A friend who moved back to Britain heard this. The bit about the Mayfair is about 5 to 6 minutes into the program.
hey, your mayfair theatre the talk of the town on BBC Radio!  Can’t believe I never went!

The double bill that made news in Britain

Those who were on hand know the story, but here’s the account from the Canadian Cult Revue’s Paul Gordon:

Thanks to all who came out for the 16mm double bill.  You got a very rare chance to see two “Lost Canadian Classics” A massive thank you also goes out to the Matthew the Projectionist for dealing on the fly with some warped 16mm house reels. He had to guide the film by hand while it ran. Standing for three hours straight is not easy!

Matthew saves the day single-handedly

The next Canadian Cult Revue double bill takes place Sept 22. Fingers crossed, nothing so dramatic will happen this time. But feel free to applaud the projectionist at the end of the show either way.

They deserve it.

Dan Imbrogno

Haha, that’s wicked John! How did you happen to stumble across that?

Reply · December 13, 2018


I was thrilled to hear Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo talking about the Mayfair on the Sept. 10th broadcast!
Mayo and Kermode is the BEST movie review radio program/podcast and very widely listened-to around the world. Furthermore, Mark Kermode is an exceptionally entertaining film critic and intellectual.

You really should campaign to bring Kermode to the Mayfair. About time he came to TIFF as well (Cannes is apparently *so* disappointing anyways) – a Canadian tour should be put together. I’ll pre-order my ticket now please!

Reply · December 13, 2018

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