Action U.S.A.

An action explosion in the U.S.A.

Ottawa Premiere of the long lost 1989 action epic on November 17th, encore screening on November 18th!

Advance tickets now available via for Action U.S.A.!

A stuntman-turned-filmmaker unleashed the most explosive, death-defying, bullet-riddled, grenade-launching, flame-broiled, anti-human mega-attack in independent film history in 1989, and no one knew…UNTIL NOW!

ACTION USA takes the grand tradition of self-made two-fisted epics like MIAMI CONNECTION, HARD TICKET TO HAWAII, and SAMURAI COP and turns the knob past 11, then snaps it off and jams it in your eye socket. This rampaging rager will be your favorite film of the 21st century, guaranteed.

“Explosive level action taken to an entirely new level…delivers the goods from the first scene to the last. Made to be an adrenaline rush, the entire film is all out stunts, explosions, and insane action…fun, absurd, and hilarious” (Morbidly Beautiful)

“it’s imperative that you put Action U.S.A. on your radar…It’s 89 minutes of total action movie excess, and a window into the mind of an ambitious madman behind the camera.” (Slash Film)

“it features every utterly bonkers thing that you’d ever want from an 80s action movie!…it’s insanely over-the-top and awesomely outrageous! Also, the stunt work in this movie and the mayhem is super badass!” (Geek Tyrant)

After her boyfriend is murdered by the gangsters whose diamonds he stole, a girl is protected by two FBI agents who plan to keep her from sharing the same fate.
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