Another Round

Ottawa Premiere the Week of December 18th!

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Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

Danish and Swedish with English subtitles.

London Film Festival: Audience Award winner!
Ghent International Film Festival: Audience Award winner!
San Sebastián International Film Festival: 2x award winner for director Thomas Vinterberg, Best Actor award winner for the ensemble, and Best Film nominee!

5 Stars! “an off-kilter, rollicking ride. It’s a euphoric experience that you will simply not forget. Teeming with copious levels of energy and shot in a stylistically invigorating style, its diversion from any formalism allows for pure immersion. Vinterberg’s fine balancing of tragedy, humor, and alcohol-infused nausea proves to be masterful from the very start.” (Discussing Film)

5 Stars! “Mikkelsen is completely mesmerising as a man who has virtually faded away, before he learns to enjoy life again…convincingly captures the hilarious highs and devastating lows of a wonderfully ridiculous experiment, as the characters slur, dance and stumble their way to an absolutely sensational ending.” (Radio Times)

5 Stars! “Crowd-pleasing is a great way to surmise Another Round…It is a touching, funny, and bittersweet tale that uses the top shelf of human emotion to concoct a potent cocktail that’ll linger on your mind long after it has been consumed.” (The List)

Four high school teachers launch a drinking experiment: upholding a constant low level of intoxication.
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