Maddin’s arch-stylized war film uses silent movie techniques and a trope of amnesia to explore the horrors of combat as it tells the story of a group of people who come together in the Russian Arctic at the height of the revolution and the depths of WWI.


The Canadian Army Newsreels (1942-46)
The Canadian Army Newsreels were filmed and produced by the Canadian Army Film Unit for the soldiers on the front. These newsreels were never shown to the general public back home an this will be your only chance to see them screened on film in a theatre.
The War Amps’ newly released DVD box set of all 106 of The Canadian Army Newsreels will also
be available for purchase at the screening.
Co-hosted by the Lost Dominion Screening Collective and The Canadian War Amps.
Recently restored 35mm prints provided by Library and Archives Canada.

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