Britt-Marie Was Here

It’s never too late to start living.

A 63 year old woman has just left a 40 year marriage, and her life as a house wife. The only job in her small town of Borg that she can find is coaching the youth soccer team. This is the start of a journey filled with not only struggles and challenges, but also warmth and love.

Starring Cannes Film Fest, Hamburg Film Fest, & 2x Venice Film Fest award winning actress Pernilla August!
From CPH PIX New Talent Grand PIX award winning director Tuva Novotny!

3.5 / 4 Stars! “This is a small, sweet work that finds notes of grace that elevate it into something bordering on inspirational.” (Third Coast Reviews)

“a sparkling tale of reinvention” (Boston Herald)

Britt-Marie, a woman in her sixties, decides to leave her husband and start anew. Having been housewife for most of her life and and living in small backwater town of Borg, there isn't many jobs available and soon she finds herself fending a youth football team.
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