Cellar Door Film Festival

Cellar Door Film Festival (CDFF) is a 3-day genre film festival in Ottawa, showcasing speculative cinema: horror, sci-fi, fantasy – and everything else in between! From celebrating the creativity of the local film scene, to spotlighting the City as a setting for the sinister and supernatural, CDFF is committed to film culture, education, and production on local, national, and international levels. Second edition: November 5 – 7, 2015. www.cdff.ca

Tickets; $9 (advance sale in early October through our website, via universe.com); *$12 (at the door)*

  • Advance tickets are $9 online (available online via www.cdff.ca in early-October).

Cellar Door Film Festival (CDFF) presents its 2015 Opening Night line-up!

Feature film: Liza, the Fox-Fairy (Liza, a rókatündér)

Dir. Károly Ujj Mészáros

Hungary | Fantasy/comedy | 2015 | 98 min. | Ottawa Premiere

In Hungarian with English subtitles

Description: Liza, the Fox-Fairy is an offbeat, sarcastic fairy tale for grown-ups. Still single at thirty, Liza has only her imaginary friend, the ghost of a Japanese crooner from the 50s, to guide her. Some bizarre dating games ensue, but as Liza’s beaus pile up in a comical body count, it seems that love isn’t for her. Her imagination takes off, and she sees herself becoming a fox-fairy, a demon from Japanese folklore that takes the lives of men. Liza’s power becomes deadlier the more she blossoms from dowdy old-maid to foxy lady. Dark, strange, and sexy, Liza, the Fox-Fairy enchants with its black humour and magical aesthetics.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWxLLyr9aOU

Preceded by:

Short film: A Good Deal (Une bonne affaire)

Dir. Denis Larzillière

France | Fantasy/comedy | 2014 | 20 min. | Canadian Premiere

In French with English subtitles

Description: Guillaume, a factory worker, spends every evening obsessively scouring flyers and coupons. Imagine his dismay when one day he finds all his treasured flyers have been taken.  A Good Deal mixes dark humor and science fiction, offering a scathing glance at the culture of consumerism.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/EVAOwdIDdIQ

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