All the bits you were never supposed to see.

Ottawa Premiere the Week of May 17th!

An essay film by filmmaker and archivist Sari Braithwaite, [Censored] offers an overview of film censorship in Australia, told through an ever-changing collage of images compiled from the footage that was cut from films released domestically between 1958 and 1971.

Chicago International Film Fest: Best Documentary award winner!

We will also be screening 4 short films by Bill Morrison after the feature. Morrison’s films are all composed of archival footage, and like [CENSORED] meditates on infamy, celebrity, the spectacle of the forbidden and of the voyeur.

Light Is Calling – A sumptuous cine-poem created from decaying archival footage.

Release – Al Capone’s release from prison is eagerly awaited by a crowd in Bill Morrison’s split-screen panorama.

Outerborough – A trolley traveling over the Brooklyn Bridge in 1899 helped create the footage underlying Bill Morrison’s neo-travelogue.

The Film of Her – A Library of Congress clerk tries to save early cinematic treasures in Bill Morrison’s doc-fiction hybrid.

For more information on the short films, please visit the Icarus Films website.

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