Doctors Without Borders Canada presents: Ebola Frontline

Doctors Without Borders Canada is presenting Ebola frontline: examining the epidemic one year on, a free documentary screening and presentation about the largest Ebola epidemic in history as it officially passes the one year mark in West Africa. While Ebola may be fading from Western headlines, the struggle against the epidemic continues.

The Ebola Frontline documentary delivers somber insight into the raw tragedy of the Ebola epidemic and the human cost of inaction by the international community.  The 45-minute film follows a Doctors Without Borders physician using goggle-mounted cameras as he dons full-body personal protective gear and treats Ebola patients inside the high risk zone of an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone at the peak of the epidemic.
Since the documentary was filmed, the world has made strides against Ebola, but the epidemic continues to spread and much work remains to be done.  After the screening, Doctors Without Borders Canada vice president Dr. Bruce Lampard will speak about his recent experience treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, where the outbreak remains most active. 

Stephen Cornish, executive director of Doctors Without Borders Canada will reflect back on the early stages of the outbreak and how inaction by the international community contributed to Ebola’s rapid spread. Speaking from Doctors Without Borders front-line experience, Cornish will explain why the world cannot afford to make the same mistakes twice.

Doctors Without Borders has been at the forefront of the international Ebola response since the epidemic began a year ago, treating two thirds of all Ebola patients at the peak of the crisis. Presently, over 4000 Doctors Without Borders field workers continue to fight the epidemic in the most affected countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, where they have treated over 8000 patients.

Tickets are free 

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