Dragnet Girl

Silent Film with LIVE Music by VOC Silent Film Harmonic – Saturday February 29th at 9:30pm

A special Collective Arts / Smoque Shack Movie Night screening (with beer, and a menu item on hand)!

Dragnet Girl tells the story of family, love, and redemption and a little bit of boxing as a gangster and his girlfriend are confronted with moral dilemmas. Directed by Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Blue Ribbon Awards, and British Film Institute Awards winner Yasujirō Ozu, who directed Tokyo Story (1953) and Floating Weeds (1959).
This movie was made years after sound was introduced to North American and European movies. It is visually stunning, and gives a small view to the future that could have been for silent films.

“formally accomplished and psychologically complex gangster tale…With effortlessly cool performances and visual inventiveness, Dragnet Girl is a bravura work from Yasujiro Ozu.” (Criterion)

“one of the greatest filmmakers in history…a movie filled with unexpected pleasures and inspired thrills” (San Francisco Silent Film Festival)

“cinematic genius…With effortlessly cool performances and visual inventiveness, Dragnet Girl is a daring work from Yasujirō Ozu” (Speed Art Museum)

Tickets: $14 members / $15 seniors / $18 non-members

Tokiko leads a double-life as an office typist and the mistress of a retired champion boxer and small-time ringleader named Jyoji. Hiroshi, a new recruit to the gang, hero worships Jyoji and neglects his studies. Hiroshi's sister Kazuko begs Jyoji to spare her brother from their shady dealings, but inadvertently casts a spell on Jyoji. After several reversals, Jyoji returns to Tokiko's arms. They decide to come clean, but not before pulling one last job to help Hiroshi and Kazuko.
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