Eyes Wide Shut

Cruise. Kidman. Kubrick.

Eyes Wide Shut – screening March 6, 8, 9!

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A New York City doctor embarks on a harrowing, night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife reveals a painful secret to him.

Venice Film Festival: Filmcritica Award winner!
French Syndicate of Cinema Critics: Best Foreign Film award winner!
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards: Best Director, Cinematography, and Original Score nominee!

4/4 Stars! “A riveting exploration of temptation, seduction” (The Seattle Times)

5 Stars! “Like all Kubrick’s films, this one will take time, and multiple viewings, to yield up its full meaning and resonance. Armed as I am with just one viewing under my belt, I can confidently say it’s a worthy capper to a great body of work.” (eFilmCritic)

4/4 Stars! “Kubrick’s swan song is a stunning example of how plot, dialogue, image and sound can blend into an incredibly powerful cinematographic experience in the hands of a genius…it’s a marvelously crafted movie. The photography is rich and textured, the art direction is sumptuous, the music is haunting and the acting is impeccable.” (Montreal Film Journal)

After Dr. Bill Harford's wife, Alice, admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she met, Bill becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter. He discovers an underground sexual group and attends one of their meetings -- and quickly discovers that he is in over his head.
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