Filibus: The Mysterious Air Pirate

Ottawa Premiere of the Restoration of the 1915 Silent Film Classic – The Week of January 3rd!

Filibus is the most exciting, witty, feminist, steampunk, cross-dressing aviatrix thriller you will ever see!

Flying high above the clouds her dirigible, Filibus, the mysterious sky pirate, is a master of disguise and the scourge of millionaires, banks, and the police! Lowered in a gondola by her henchmen, Filibus steals from the rich and then mysteriously vanishes into the clouds!

Previously seen in a badly subtitled, imperfect version, Filibus was recently remastered by the Eye Filmmuseum, restoring the film’s marvelous range of Desmet tinting and toning in the original nitrate material.

To go with this fantastical film, the famed Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra and Donald Sosin have created two new stunning scores!

A woman criminal, an air pirate,the Baroness Troixmonde (Filibus) who commits her thefts, etc. and then retreats to the safety of her zeppelin! In a wonderful early feminist plot element, Filibus's "airship is manned by a staff of mask-wearing, black-skin-suit-clad male lackeys who instantly obey the Baroness' every command." The hapless Detective Hardy, puny male that he is, is no match for Filibus!
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