Fortunate Son


After overcoming a severe drug problem, Montréal filmmaker Tony
Asimakopoulos (formerly of Ottawa) turns his documentary camera on his
complicated, painful relationship with his Greek immigrant parents.
Following Tony from his childhood home to the villages of his parents’
birth and beyond, this is “a compulsive, sad, funny and profoundly
moving experience. It is NOT to be missed!!!” (Greg Klymkiw)

“A searing documentary about family…This group of people is
fascinating. The details of Asimakopoulos’ difficult past create an
intense focus on family dynamics that winds up revealing more about
our similarities than our differences…Over and above all that,
you’ll fall in love with the filmmaker’s parents.”
– Liz Braun, Toronto Sun

“Giving the audience reason to squirm in their seats, this exploration
of self as an amalgamation of past signifiers impresses with its sheer
honesty and openness, treating the subject without slant or bias to
give us the bigger picture…a story of what binds families together,
and what it means to be loved.”
-Daniel Pratt, Exclaim!

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English and Greek with subtitles

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