German Town: The Lost Story of Seaford Town, Jamaica

“German Town The Lost Story Of Seaford Town Jamaica”  is a documentary that explores the history of German heritage  within Westmoreland Jamaica. Deep within the isolated undeveloped mountains of Westmoreland lies a village with a history and people unique to Jamaica. It is said that the inhabitants of this village are descendants of German indentured servants who were used to work the Jamaican plantations after the emancipation period to substitute the slave labor that drove the islands economy. Others think they came under different circumstances as runaway prisoners, former military battered after the Napoleonic wars seeking a better life to escape the poverty and hardships in their home lands. This documentary project explores the history and contemporary life of Jamaicans of German heritage.
$20 dollars a ticket and $10 dollars a ticket for seniors, children, students, Military and members of the Mayfair Theatre.
Q&A session to follow.
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