Haiti Betrayed

“We never had that democracy. It’s like putting a seed on the ground. We never see it grow because someone keeps on coming and steps on it.” – Garry Auguste, former member, Haitian National Police

Haiti Betrayed reveals how Canada, in contravention of international law, allied with the US and France in early 2004 to overthrow the democratically elected government of Haiti.

In 1804 Haiti threw off slavery and became the world’s first black republic. In February of 2004 Haitians were celebrating the Bicentennial of that extraordinary achievement when the United States, Canada and France landed troops in Port au Prince and removed the president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, in a midnight coup d’état.

This was the first time Canada played a strategic and military role in the removal of a democratically elected government.

Haiti Betrayed tells the story of the democracy movement in Haiti. It is a searing indictment of the role of Canada in helping derail a poor people’s movement and the aspirations of Haitians for a better life and a more just society.

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