Harperman: A Dissident Serenade

Tony’s Turner’s “Harperman” protest song was posted on YouTube on June 22, 2015. Two months later, he was suspended from his job as a federal government scientist pending an investigation into whether his creation of this song breached his employer’s “values and ethics” code. We’ve had an election since then, but this policy remains in place, and all of our Freedom of Speech remains impinged. This award-winning documentary, produced and directed by Cody Lanktree (HamiltonSeen), explores the intriguing issues surrounding this situation. Cody Lanktree and Tony Turner will be in attendance at this world premiere, along with a number of the people who were interviewed for the documentary .
Presented by HamiltonSeen (www.hamiltonseen.com)
Ticket price:  $11  ($7 for seniors (65+) and $6 for Mayfair members)
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