Hot Knives

He loses the hacky sack battle but wins the knife fight!

Ottawa Premiere on January 27th! Presented in collaboration with Collective Arts Brewing and Smoque Shack Movie Night!

Phil Caracas (Harry Knuckles, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter) stars in a modern day slacker odyssey.

Stan (Phil Caracas) is a bumbling slacker who, despite approaching middle age, continues to be a popular party animal with no apparent responsibilities. His next-door neighbour (Gabriela Svoboda) loses her dog and the hapless Stan suddenly has purpose in his life. Find the missing pooch! His mission becomes an existential journey into the self and the dangerous world around him. His investigations uncover a labyrinth of conspiracies and skullduggery that blow his mind and will most certainly blow yours. Be prepared for the wild ride that is Hot Knives!

“Hot Knives” is the culmination of a five year effort on the part of a rag tag group of film buffs from Ottawa. Filmed entirely in and around the Ottawa area, this project was truly a community effort. Featuring the music of local bands – Cloud of RockThe Band Whose Name Is A SymbolNew Swears, Tindervox, Birdie WhyteBig MoanCrab BoatAndrew Vincent, Durs Coeurs, The Hammerheads, Porcelain Forehead, and a special song appearance by David Hess.

Post screening party in the Tap Room of  The Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe.

Sat Jan 27 9:15 pm – 9:15 pm

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