Infinity Baby

A comedy about babies that don’t age.

Ottawa Premiere on November 11th!

Welcome to the near future, where you can become the proud parent of an Infinity Baby. These special babies take the pressure off because they never cry, never age past three months, never leave the nest or become teenagers, and only need once-weekly feedings and diaper changes. Their company peddles the 1,000 Infinity Babies that resulted from a botched genetic experiment to trendy couples who want the pleasures of parenthood without all of the annoying side effects. Commitment issues abound in this wry, sardonic, absurd, over the top, sci-fi satire, featuring a jam-packed cast, including: Kieran Culkin, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Nick Offerman, Martin Starr, Kevin Corrigan, Megan Mullally, Noel Wells, and Stephen Root!

dead CENTER Film Festival – Special Jury Prize award winner!
Oak Cliff Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize nominee!

“It’s unique, absurd, strange, and memorable.” (Anthony Ray Bench, Film Threat)

“It’s an extremely funny and caustic film, but when it tempers that with moments of humanity, that is where the film shines.” (Josh Kupecki, Austin Chronicle)


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