Inside Peace

One-Time Free Screening of Inside Peace, the Movie.

Focused on several hardened offenders doing time at Dominguez State Jail, Inside Peace offers a rare look, not only inside the correctional facility, but inside the hearts and minds of the men featured.  At the core of the film is the Peace Class the men attend, initially as an excuse to get free pencils, paper and an hour of air conditioning in the sweltering heat of San Antonio, Texas. Eventually, though, it is their minds and spirits that become refreshed, through exposure to concepts such as reflection, inner strength and the possibility of real change – from the inside out.

About the director : Though Inside Peace is her directorial debut as a documentary producer and director, Cynthia has been in the film business for the last 25 years and began her career at HBO as a feature script reader. She then moved on to producing and editing trailers for HBO Feature films. Her editorial work has been associated with hundreds of titles, including a comedy series starring and directed by Tracey Ullman. She edited many “Behind the Scenes” for HBO as well as series for network syndication including “The Sopranos”, “Six Feet Under” and “Sex and the City ».

Presented by a group of volunteers from the Ottawa-Gatineau area with the permission of Studio View Productions.
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