It Came from the Desert

Ottawa Premiere on May 16th, encore screening on May 17th!

A pulpy, action monster movie, inspired by Cinemaware’s cult classic 1980’s video game. A nostalgic tribute to drive-in creature features from the 1950’s, It Came From The Desert features rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases, romantic insecurities…and of course giant ants!

“get ready for the pulp action horror mutant monster movie of the year!…Smartly scripted, extremely funny and very creepy, with terrific special effects in homage to Ray Harryhausen” (Fright Fest London)

“delivering a seriously entertaining, low-rent fireworks display of a modern monster movie…Monumentally bananas…this is how low-fi B-movie throwbacks should be.” 4 Stars! (HeyUGuys)

New Mexico, present day. Brian and Lukas are off to desert to join the kegger party and to celebrate Lukas’s victory in a motocross competition. His winning price includes to meet THE DEATHINATOR, the biggest action star in the world and personal idol and hero of the boys.The party gets started underneath the hot desert sun, but Brian isn’t in the mood for a party. He wonders off in the rocky hills, but is soon joined by Lukas, his best and only friend. They discover something strange in the desert which leads them into a secret military laboratory where they make a new and disturbing discovery and the truth what the government has been up to in the desert is revealed. The secret experiments on ants and spiders mixed with DNA found from crashed meteorite in the 1951 has given birth to a mutated GIANT ANTS which have overrun the facility. It’s up to Brian and Lukas to become the heroes they always wanted to be and save the world from alien invasion!
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