JUST ADDED: Shuprovat Bangladesh


Bangladesh immigrant Faruq take a trip to Bangladsh the his daughter Poroma, who for the first time is visiting her Fathers native Land. During the visit, one day Poroma’s father alerts her to be careful going to unknown places. poroma shocked thinks, why should she be afraid of her fathers own native land. 
Through the eyes of Poroma, a Canadian Born Bangladeshi, director Saiful Wadud Helal tries to understand the cultural gap between the tow of the same generation from worlds apart.


Preceded by the short documentary Anika’s Home. Anika Hossain is a political science student at Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada. She is also TV host. After 15 years of living in Canada, her parents sent her back to her native Bangladesh to find a husband for herself. Anika has lots of interesting things to say about political marriage and cultural marriage, for starters.


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