Nude on the Moon

A truly different adventure!

A Classic Ottawa Premiere the Week of April 12th! A truly different adventure to take you OUT OF THIS WORLD!
An American Film Genre Archive restoration, fresh off of its premiere at MoMA!

Represents everything that’s perfect about American pop culture. Exploitation legend Doris Wishman’s second feature…less a movie than a catalog of pure kitsch delirium. Stupid to the point of breathtaking, it is also one of the most enjoyable examples the long-extinct ‘nudie-cutie’.

Crew-cut hunk Jeff uses a $3 million inheritance to build a spaceship for he and his pal, The Professor. They blast off in one rocket (a little toy model), and land on the moon in another (also a toy model). Donning hilarious red and green pajama-like suits that make them look like wacky superheroes, the two exit the ship to discover a Miami-like tropical paradise. And, yes, yes, they also discover a nudist camp right there on the lunar surface, populated by naked moon people. You can tell they’re moon people because they have pipe-cleaner antennas on their heads.

The Queen of the Moon speaks telepathically and carries a magic wand which renders humans dizzy. She’s also a dead ringer for Jeff’s secretary back home, which, inexplicably, neither Jeff nor the Professor seem to notice.

A rich rocket scientist organizes an expedition to the moon, which they discover is inhabited by nude women.
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