Oxygen: Empowered by Women in Sport

Oxygen is a beautifully choreographed feature-length film about outdoor athleticism, captured in Digital IMAX over the space of two years by the award-winning cinematography of o2films, and empowered by women living natural fitness through clean oxygen fed sport. The film is a fusion of stunning cinematography, athleticism, fast-paced action, organic textures, exquisite natural beauty, panache, talent and natural magic, synchronized to powerful contemporary soundtracks by female
The striking visual narrative is enhanced by poignant interviews from inspirational role models in sport, professional and personal lives; from the mavericks of the 1920’s to the Olympians of today. Seventy-seven elite athletes in twenty-seven outdoor sports, over four seasons.

Featuring the talent of 2 Olympic, 3 World Gold Medalists 12 National Champions and 21 National team athletes

“The story will make you laugh, cry and take your breath away.”

Free Admission – This event is SOLD OUT!
Presented by O2films, xczonetv, Fast and Female, impossible2Possible
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