Shogun Assassin

The legend of lone wolf and cub continues!

A 40th Anniversary presentation of Shogun Assassin featuring Live Commentary from The RZA!
A Special Stay-at-Home Mayfair Virtual Cinema Event – One Night Only on Sunday May 24th at 9:15pm!

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Join us this Sunday, May 24th at 9:15pm EST with RZA (acclaimed rapper, producer, director and co-founder of 36 Chambers), and Dan Halsted (head programmer at the Hollywood Theatre) for live commentary during this special presentation.
Their collective knowledge and personal stories related to the film will give the audience a deeper appreciation for the movie that inspired the platinum album ​Liquid Swords​.

“Absolutely one of my all-time favorite martial-arts movies” (Austin Chronicle)

“this seminal work is richly atmospheric and makes for often mesmerising viewing.” (Radio Times)

“one of the most popular samurai films ever, it is a spectacular representation of violence in film as an art form.” (Cinema Retro)

A Shogun who grew paranoid as he became senile sent his ninjas to kill his samurai. They failed but did kill the samurai’s wife. The samurai swore to avenge the death of his wife and roams the countryside with his toddler son in search of vengeance.
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