Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo

Stray Cat Rock Film Festival! Join us throughout September for a true big screen rarity showcase of five beautiful digital restorations of the 1970’s Japanese biker gang classics!

Wild Jumbo – September 8th & 10th! Five freewheeling friends conjure up a plan to rob 30 million yen from a religious movement!

A group of five friends, also known as the Pelican Gang, spends time hanging out in the city, driving around in their all-terrain buggy car and listening to psychedelic jazz fusion when one of them is approached by a mysterious horse-riding girl named Asako (Bunjaku Han) who suggests they rob 30 million yen from a religious movement called Seikyo Gakkei. The Pelicans – C-ko, Taki, Ganishin, Jiro and Debo – accept the challenge, but things are not as easy as they may initially seem.
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