The Final Master

Ottawa Premiere on August 14th, 17th and 18th!

Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Action Choreography award winner
Shanghai Film Critics Awards – Film of Merit

“A Chinese martial-arts movie of rich visual beauty and intricate narrative complexity.” – Soren Anderson, Seattle Times

“The fight climax and very interesting resolution cap off an exhilarating two hours of entertainment…”-G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle


THE FINAL MASTER is a martial arts drama set in the transnational time period of China before World War II. Based on director Xu Haofeng’s best selling novel, The Master, the story follows a Wing Chun practitioner’s ambitious journey to open a martial arts school in the Northern Center to fulfill his master’s dying wish of passing down the art. In order to gain the rights to achieve this, he has to send an apprentice to secretly challenge and defeat eight martial arts schools. Unbeknownst to him is that he is merely a pawn being played in the power game within the martial arts community. In the end, he must choose between what is right and what is expected to achieve his destiny. THE FINAL MASTER is a story of deception, tradition, betrayal and revenge that all culminates to a masterfully choreographed climatic ending.

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