The Tiger of Eschnapur

Der deutsche Millionen-Film!

Fritz Lang Film Fest – Sunday August 18th & Monday August 19th!
Ottawa Premiere! 60th Anniversary!
Screening for the first time in North America!

In Eschnapur, a local Maharajah and a German architect fall in-love with the same temple dancer.

3.5 / 4 Stars! “unbelievably gorgeous digital restorations with dazzling Technicolor and clear sound…we have chases, attacks, battles, escapes, a sexy dance and a few kisses. It’s a clear precursor to the Indiana Jones series” (Combustable Celluloid)

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In Eschnapur, a German architect saves the life of the Maharajah's favorite temple dancer and becomes Maharajah's friend but their friendship is tested when the architect and the dancer fall in-love, triggering the Maharajah's vengeful ire.
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