The War of the Worlds

Mighty panorama of Earth-shaking fury as an army from Mars invades!

The Oscar winning 1953 sci-fi classic! Starts on Friday February 19th!

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The residents of a small town are excited when a flaming meteor lands in the hills, until they discover it is the first of many transport devices from Mars bringing an army of invaders invincible to any man-made weapon, even the atomic bomb.

Academy Awards: Best Special Effects award winner, Best Sound, and Film Editing nominee!
Hugo Awards: Best Dramatic Presentation award winner!
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films: Hall of Fame award winner!
National Film Preservation Board: Inducted to the National Film Registry in 2011!

“It’s the movie that more or less birthed the sci-fi spectacle movie and it shows…This is an astoundingly good and still quite scary movie…nothing short of magic.” (Nerdist)

“this film remains a masterpiece today…the amazing sound and visual effects still stand up…it was amazingly innovative at the time…this is an amazing film, both for what it did in 1953 and what it still does today. It’s a far better interpretation of H.G. Wells’ novel than Spielberg’s…The picture here probably looks just as good as it did when the film was first shown in 1953, if not better.” (IGN)

5 Stars! “the best alien invasion of Earth ever…and the pinnacle of 50s sci-fi…it still terrifies…brings home its story with chilling effectiveness” (eFilmCritic)

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