The Witness

Ottawa Premiere starts Saturday July 30th!

“A remarkably intimate attempt to reach clarity and catharsis in the Genovese saga…a physical journey through history and myth.” (A-) – Joe McGovern, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“James Solomon’s stunning documentary was produced on a tiny fraction of a Hollywood spectacular’s budget…yet it topples what we’ve come to accept as a pillar of contemporary wisdom, and brings news about human nature in the process.” – Joe Morgenstern, WALL STREET JOURNAL

“EXTRAORDINARY…The movie’s one reenactment—an ingenious experiment in forensics and social science—unites drama, journalism, and first-hand experience in a masterstroke of pure cinema.” – Richard Brody, NEW YORKER

On March 13, 1964, Kitty Genovese was repeatedly attacked on a street in Kew Gardens, Queens. Soon after, The New York Times published a front-page story asserting that 38 witnesses watched her being murdered from their apartment windows—and did nothing to help. The death of Kitty Genovese, 28, quickly became a symbol of urban apathy. THE WITNESS follows the efforts of her brother Bill Genovese as he looks to uncover the truth buried beneath the story. In the process, he makes startling discoveries about the crime that transformed his life, condemned a city, and defined an era.

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