Two Hearts As One

Titled Birlesen Gönüller in Turkey, this powerful film –one of the most expensive productions in Turkish film history- is based on a true story. Starting in 1940?s Soviet Russia, and continuing into 1990?s, this is the story of four hearts which couldn’t be stopped by distances and years. Newlyweds Niyaz and Cennet are forced to separate when war rears a violent and chaotic head. Niyaz is taken to Red Army to fight on the Soviet side, while Cennet is sent to a camp when the Nazis took over their village. As Cennet struggles to survive, crippled by hunger and the heartache of not knowing the fate of her love, Niyaz plans a desperate escape to escape from the eastern front to reach Cennet.

Woven into the narrative is the story of Yunus and Dilek, a loving couple from Turkey who leave for Almaty, then the capital of Kazakhstan, in the 1990?s. Ambitious Yunus is planning to build a school, but he has no resources at all. His wife Dilek sympathizes and supports him, but their enduring poverty wears her patience and resolve – until a chance encounter provides some much-needed perspective…

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