Vancouver: No Fixed Address

Ottawa Premiere on May 24th, Encore Screening on May 25th!

With average real estate prices nearing $900,000 in a city where minimum wage is less than $11 per hour, home ownership isn’t even a dream for many in Vancouver. For years, Canada’s national news has fixated on this specific market, trying to explain the dramatic value escalation that appears to be a bubble that won’t burst. Foreign ownership, lack of supply, greed and an inactive government have all been blamed. The things that make a city livable also make it desirable, and developers and investors prey upon those qualities in a free market that caters to the highest bidder.

Director Charles Wilkinson (director of Haida Gwaii: On The Edge of the World—Hot Docs Best Canadian Feature 2015) moves beyond statistics and square footage to the people directly affected—including those with property and those without—in this candid and human portrayal of a city that continues to rise yet cannot meet demand.

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