Wailing, The

A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is forced to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter.
100% FRESH – Rotten Tomatoes
“CRITIC’S PICK: Echoes of The Exorcist… as the suspense, violence, and worse ratcheted up, I was not merely scared, but heartbroken.  The Wailing is the hard stuff.  Handle with care.”
– The New York Times

“A slow-burning supernatural freak-out.  What makes The Wailing so unusually disturbing is the almost palpable aura of evil it radiates from calm start to sorrowful finish.”
– The Los Angeles Times

“The summer’s first great movie.  There is nothing quite like The Wailing… it’s a virtuoso performance, a gut-wrenching bloodbath and a profound moral mystery.”
– Salon

“A soon to be discovered gem that is riveting, brilliantly written, impeccably acted, and masterfully filmed.  Without a doubt one of the year’s best movies.”
– The Examiner

“An absolute stunner.”
– The Film Stage

“A bone-chilling, thunderous descent into hell.”
– Twitch

“Masterful… gripping.”
– Variety

“Spectacular… teeth-chattering.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“Relentless… fiercely dark.”
– Screen Daily

“A devilish good time.”
– Indiewire

“Deliciously entertaining. You’ll be left breathless.”
– The Playlist

“Gripping.. painterly and richly detailed.”
– Slant

“A hell of a ride”

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