What Lies Below

Ottawa-based Lawrence Gunther, Canada’s only blind documentary film maker, presents What Lies Below, an exploration of 10 water quality and fish health stories as told by local and indigenous fishers. Follow Lawrence and his guide dog as they travel throughout Canada to meet people who live by and from the water as they share concerns, fears, hopes and actions taken to ensure the future of fish and fishing.

What Lies Below is a privately funded Canadian documentary featuring ten distinct stories about Canada’s aquatic and marine challenges. The film’s director, Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais, presents each story through the experiences of fishers and indigenous people who live by and from the water. It’s a showcase of actions by individuals to ensure the future of marine and aquatic ecosystems and the future of fishing.


The creator and host of What Lies Below, Lawrence Gunther, is the only blind professional angler and documentary film maker in North America. The 79-minute film is unique in its ability to portray a visual disability as an asset, while suspending the viewer’s need to see-to-believe what’s truly taking place out-of-sight beneath the surface of Canada’s rivers, lakes and three oceans.


On October 23 2016 What Lies Below premiered as the closing film at the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival to a packed house of 600. Many other festivals have since screened the documentary, and broadcast license deals are now in place with CBC Doc Channel and AMI TV. Numerous glowing reviews can be accessed via the list of clips and links pasted below. To watch the trailer and learn more about What Lies Below link to: www.WhatLiesBelow.Ca.

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