There’s a certain kind of movie that can’t help but deliver what it promises. Teen Wolf. Time Cop. Hot Tub Time Machine. The Bridges of Madison County. You get the idea. WolfCop, a supremely silly, oddly enjoyable concoction from Regina writer/director Lowell Dean, is that kind of film.

It stars Leo Fafard as Lou Garou, a cop in a one-stoplight town where the full moon seems to last a full three days. Lou is an alcoholic, but that’s the least of his problems. His facial hair, for instance, grows faster than he can shave it, so his five o’clock shadow seems to be on daylight saving time. When lunar influences bring out the beast in him, local conspiracy theorist Willie (Jonathan Cherry) is quick to recognize a wolf in cop’s clothing. “Same uniform,” Willie explains. “Plus you were drunk.” (To be fair to Lou, it isn’t easy being a cop in a town where the radio morning show is sponsored by a store called Liquor Donuts.)

WolfCop features a nice ’80s vibe, right down to a pitch-perfect use of Gowan’s 1987 hit Moonlight Desires. And word is that Dean is already at work on a sequel, after international buyers in Cannes couldn’t keep their paws off this one. If it’s not called WolfCop Too, I shall be ravenously disappointed.


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