The film ‘Zombie’ (or ‘Zombi’) has had a bit of a confusing past behind it. The film was initially released as ‘Zombi 2’, which would make you think that there was a predecessor to it. Strangely enough, from a certain point of view, there is no actual ‘Zombie’ part 1. When George A. Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ was released in European Territories, it was done so under the simpler title of ‘Zombi’. The distributors of what we now here know as ‘Zombie’ decided to ride George’s coat-tails, the two films are actually unrelated…well, unrelated except for the part that they both have zombies in them. Though since all of Romero’s ‘Dead’ films are similarly unrelated in terms of characters and location, it doesn’t seem all that unfitting in the grand scheme of zombie things.


Not to play spoiler, but the movie is remembered for two scenes in particular. One involving a rather slow and painful moment involving a poor doomed character’s eye. The other involves a zombie and a shark. Like a real shark! No miniatures or CG or movie magic trickery here. The first time I saw this back in the day, it completely blew my mind. Those magnificent bastards just tossed a guy in zombie make-up into the deep end with an actual shark!

Whatever you want to call Lucio Fulci’s undead classic…all that really matters is that it is awesome. Fulci’s body of work has been described as some of the most violent and gory horror films of all. Italians filmmakers don’t mess around in this regard. Whole new levels of on-screen brutality and cruelty which often ensured X ratings and unrated movies (adding to the grindhouse and drive-in feel to the unflinching films). ‘Zombie’ alone was banned in several countries, including Great Britain.


‘Zombie’ is not banned at the Mayfair though, and the film that has also been known as: ‘Island of the Living Dead’, ‘Zombie Island’, ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’, and ‘Woodoo’ can be seen October 23rd at Midnight, and October 24th at 11:30pm.


zombies? sharks? Banned in several countries??
I’m there!!

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