Weekly Programming Coming Soon!

Some eagle eyed patrons may have noticed some intriguing new information while looking at the March schedule poster that went up on display yesterday at the Mayfair.

In the words of the great Douglas Adams…Don’t panic!

There is a big change upcoming for the Mayfair Theatre, but it is not a change to fear. Starting next month, the Mayfair will switch up to weekly scheduling instead of a monthly schedule format.

The bad news, for the first time since the late 1970s (when more adult fare was being showcased at the theatre), you won’t be able to magnet a Mayfair program to your fridge. What’s the good news?

This means that we can book week to week and hence can bring in new mainstream and new indie movies much faster. There have been numerous times that we have missed out on on booking a new movie sooner, or sometimes missed out on a getting film all together. We haven’t just missed out on Hollywood movies repeatedly, but also genre cult type stuff. All this was due to schedules being set in stone sometimes six weeks or more in advance.

Other popular Mayfair style theatres successfully program in a similar manner without a monthly schedule. So, just because of the change, this doesn’t mean we will miss out on continuing to screen movies that you’ve come to love seeing at the Mayfair. Programming new movies faster doesn’t hinder the likes of The Room, Rocky Horror, Saturday Night Sinema, Christmas classics in December, Halloween fare in October, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and movies from local filmmakers (etc…) from gracing our screen.

All of our scheduling information will be available on our website, Facebook and Twitter, and listings will of course still be available in Ottawa newspapers. We’ll soon have information available about signing up for our e-mailing list if you are interested in getting programming updates in such a manner.

I’m very excited at the possibilities. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.


Our family received this news with a fair degree of concern. For years we have looked forward to picking up the new schedule and pouring over it to see what films were coming up. With that said, I’m sure you have made this decision for reasons that are crucial to the continued success of your business, which is something we very much support. Will we be able to sign-up for a weekly email alert? We do not subscribe to any RSS services and do not want iCal pushing notifications to our already overloaded, Outlook calendars. We would be very happy to receive a once-a-week email from the Mayfair providing the upcoming schedule. Thanks, a life-long, loyal Mayfair member and supporter.

Reply · March 24, 2019


Hi Greg,

I’ve grown up on the monthly Mayfair schedule too. So, getting rid of it is not something we did on a whim or without a lot of thought.

The harsh reality is, we find that now-a-days, most patrons coming through our doors do not make use of the monthly guide. That’s not to say all of course, but most make use of various forms of online sources to find out what is playing, or look in the newspaper. Most people also don’t plan their movie watching up to five weeks or so in advance.

Here is what a weekly schedule will allow vs a monthly. By going weekly it will mean that we can get new films of all types faster. It will also mean that we can allow people to rent the theatre for private events or indie film rentals more efficiently. We will also not have to miss out on booking films because we are shackled to having a set schedule for things as much as a couple months in advance. We’ve missed out on all kinds of great stuff over the years because of getting a last minute offer that we couldn’t take advantage of because dates were already set in stone.

We do indeed have a really great weekly newsletter set up, very much the tone of the monthly guide, which you can sign up for right her on the main page of our website. We will also give plenty of warning of upcoming premieres and special events. Right now you can check out trailers for five upcoming April premieres here on the website, and on the schedule page there’s peeks at special programming as far off as April 24 & 29. Those five very diverse April premieres by the way, are all stuff we would not have been able to get until much later, if at all, if we were still in a monthly format.

We appreciate your concern, but I promise you that there is no need to fear change. This will make the Mayfair stronger and I’m very excited about what it means for the future.

Reply · March 24, 2019


Thanks, Josh. I found the weekly newsletter sign-up and subscribed.

On suggestion (and keep in mind this is coming from a non-techy), if possible it would be helpful to have an option of receiving a BlackBerry friendly version of the newsletter. I find the current version is not easy to read on my BlackBerry, and I’m not always at my laptop. It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that I don’t know what I’m doing, so feel free to disregard.



Reply · March 24, 2019


I cannot tell a lie, I know less about Blackberry then I do about a whole bunch of other techy things on the internets. Someone smarter than me is looking into it and hopefully we can get an answer back to you soon.

Reply · March 24, 2019


Ok Greg…we took a look at this little article here:


It looks like you might have the “rich content” support (the ability to see HTML emails) turned off at the server level. Or, your phone might be running an earlier OS that doesn’t support HTML emails.

For now, we always make sure to have a text version of the Mayfair newsletter email available – that might be the best solution for you for the time being. We’ll look into see if there’s any other way we can help out your Blackberry needs though. Hope that helps for now.

Reply · March 24, 2019

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