A COVID-19 update for all our friends and patrons

-COVID-19 preparedness at the Mayfair-

To all our friends and patrons,

The Public Health Agency of Canada currently assesses the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low.

Regardless, we take the current situation very seriously, and we’re taking the recommended steps to help protect everyone’s health. Specifically:

We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection for all high-traffic surfaces, before and after every screening.

Our card payment devices, cash registers, ATM and other devices used by staff and the public are being sanitized regularly.

Our staff are following suggested protocol to keep themselves and the public safe, with frequent hand-washing, regular use of sanitizers, and using gloves whenever needed.
We’ve asked any staff who are feeling unwell to stay at home.

We’re limiting ticket sales to 250 per screening, to stay within current suggested safe numbers for public gatherings.

And we’re encouraging our customers to spread out! The Mayfair seats about 325 people, so it’s very easy to practice “social distancing” and leave empty seats between you and other patrons.

Finally, in an effort to protect yourself and your fellow movie-lovers, we kindly ask anyone who is not feeling well to please STAY HOME – come back another time, when you’re feeling better!

If you’d like more updates and information on the best steps to take to protect your health, please visit Ottawa Public Health.

Thank you,

The Cast and Crew of the Mayfair

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