Bring-Your-Doggie Matinee!

 Our friends at Wag Pet Shop  present a special Bring-Your-Doggie matinee screening of Tim Burton’s stop-motion animation feature Frankenweenie on Sunday December 30th at 2:30pm.
@[144899072214917:274:Wag Pet Shop] presents a special Bring-Your-Doggie matinee screening of Tim Burton's stop-motion animation feature Frankenweenie, this Sunday December 30th at 2:30pm.

Chu-Chu and I would love to come to your next Bring Your Doggie matinee! Hope you have another 1 soon!

Reply · September 22, 2023

I would love to attend the next one! How often are there doggie maintees? What are the general rules? Looking forward to it!

Reply · September 22, 2023


There’s not really a set timeline to our Doggie matinee events. Whenever a dog themed movie comes up on the schedule, we have fallen into the tradition of offering an option to bring your dog along to one of the screenings.

We don’t have a set of rules printd up in rearda to these things. General logic seems to have ruled out & we’ve never had any problems so far.

So, none on the agenda at the moment, but do keep an eye out ’cause we will have one again sooner or later.

Reply · September 22, 2023

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