Can Ottawa become a Bike City, Great City?

Find out during the premiere run of Ottawa City Councillor/filmmaker David Chernushenko’s latest documentary, Bike City, Great City — right here at Ottawa’s home of stuff you won’t see anywhere else!

Chernushenko is determined to make his hometown a better city for cycling. In 2011, the League of American Bicyclists and Share the Road Coalition recognized Ottawa with a Silver rating for bike friendliness. Silver is good, but it’s not Gold. David wants Ottawa to strive for Gold, and he’s going to take us on a ride to find out how it can be done.

This independent, crowd-funded doc promotes the values of urban cycling and shows how any city that encourages cycling becomes a more vibrant, attractive and healthier city for everyone. Get here early — the bike racks fill up quickly!

July 9, stay for a Q&A with director David Chernushenko and producers.

July 10, stay for a panel discussion on sharing the road, featuring members of Citizens for Safe Cycling, the Canadian Automobile Association and the Enviro Centre.

View the trailer for Bike City, Great City.

Learn more about the screenings here.

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