Christine Conradt, j'accuse!


Tonight (Nov 4) at 9 pm, the Mayfair presents the Ottawa premiere of Accused at Seventeen.

Directed by Doug Campbell, the plot of Accused at Seventeen runs something like this (according to what we wrote in this month’s schedule, at least):

After a prank goes horribly wrong, a teenager is accused of murdering a classmate — but in reality, she was framed by her best friend. Her mother is left to seek out the truth, as she finds herself caught in a web of lies, deceit and murder.

But I’m not really interested in the director or the plot (not for the purposes of this post, anyway). I’m interested in the screenwriter, Christine Conradt.

Originally from Nebraska, Christine move to Los Angeles in 1992 to attend the  University of Southern California’s esteemed School of Cinema-Television and make it big in the movies. Overnight success came about 10 years later, when her film The Perfect Nanny was produced. A couple of years after that, she had a second script produced, this time a thriller called A Killer Upstairs – and this time shot right here in Ottawa!

Christine (and her scripts) have returned to Ottawa several times since. She wrote the horror-thriller Summer’s Blood, starring Twilight‘s Ashley Green and directed by the Mayfair’s own Lee Demarbre, and the thriller-thriller Stripped Naked.


(Full disclosure: I’m credited as co-writer on Stripped Naked, which began life as a script I wrote called Lot Lizard. My credit on Stripped Naked is a professional courtesy and a legality; rest assured, the movie is all Christine.)

You can learn more about Christine (and even subscribe to her screenwriting webinars) on her official website.

And you can see her work in motion tonight at the one-night-only Ottawa premiere of Accused at Seventeen!


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