Don't Miss El Topo!

Mayfair Theatre to screen the original midnight movie – Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo –  Apr 17 and 18


Special midnight screenings bring one of cinema’s

most infamous underground films

back to Ottawa – for what may be the last time

The New York Times called El Topo “a secret rite of passage… [a film that] resembles not so much a well-made fiction as a prophetic book.” Roger Ebert called it “a picaresque journey past the principal myths and symbols of human culture.” Time Out New York called it “a cult object extraordinaire… sensual and unflagging… the last great movie of the 1960s.” John Lennon called it his favourite film.

At the Mayfair, we just call it Friday night.

Because for the first time in 15 years, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s legendary masterpiece El Topo is being screened at the Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa’s home of midnight movies.

The screenings will take place Apr 17 and 18 at 11:55 pm at the Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank St. (at Sunnyside). As usual, admission is $5 for members and $9 for non-members. Annual memberships are available for only $10.

El Topo

Alejandro Jodorowsky | 125 min. | 1970 | Mexico | 35 mm | R

Unseen in Ottawa for 15 years, this bizarre, violent, allegorical western follows a gunfighter on a murderous mission to challenge four Zen masters of gunslinging. Jodorowsky has said he asks “of film what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs.” Watching El Topo, that’s not hard to believe.

El Topo will probably never return to Ottawa, so cinemaphiles, art-lovers and fans of obscure pop culture take note: this be your only chance to see it on the big screen!

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